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Enterate de la actualidad en Radio Arroba.

Ganó la derecha en Brasil pero hay segunda vuelta

Ganó la derecha en Brasil pero hay segunda vuelta

No te pierdas esta nota con el análisis de Santiago O Donnell

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La película

La película "El Ángel" fue elegida para representar a la Argentina en los Oscar 2019

El filme dirigido por Luis Ortega buscará ser seleccionada por la Academia de Hollywood.

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Las artes marciales mixtas tienen su lugar en Radio Arroba con

Las artes marciales mixtas tienen su lugar en Radio Arroba con "Tenemos Acción"

Con la conducción del periodista de Fox Sports Emiliano Candido. Todos los Lunes a las 17 hs.

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Getting from place to place by car or bus may be getting a bit easier in Arlington.

This weekend the county board is expected to approve a $4 million contract that will install six miles of fiber optic line along the Rosslyn Ballston corridor, Columbia Pike and Glebe Road. It the first phase of a long term traffic management project that planners hope will allow more intelligent, real time management of traffic flow in the county.

In addition to connecting 54 county traffic signals, the fiber line will add capacity for traffic management tools like traffic cameras, motorist information signs, and traffic counters.

The initial phase of the project includes four new traffic monitoring cameras, at the intersections of Washington Boulevard and Wilson Boulevard, Columbia Pike and Walter Reed Drive, Columbia Pike and Glebe Road, and at Glebe Road and Arlington Boulevard (Route 50). An additional 17 cameras throughout the county could be installed by the end of the year, according to Traffic Engineering and Operations Bureau Chief Wayne Wentz. The "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" new cameras would supplement the Arlington existing 29 traffic cams.

The first phase of the project also includes a new motorist information sign commonly used to relay real time traffic information or advisories on Route 50 at Pershing Drive. Additional signs are planned as more fiber is installed.

Through enhanced monitoring and improved communication, the fiber lines will eventually lead to a smarter traffic management system that is able to automatically change traffic signal timings to deal with unexpected changes in traffic patterns.

long term plan for our intelligent transportation "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" system is to measure traffic in real time and adjust traffic signal timing patterns on a daily or hourly basis, Wentz said. will let us do more things to deal with congestion. traffic signal "Oxandrolone Powder India" timings are adjusted systematically every three years.

In addition to traffic management applications, the fiber lines will also "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" be used as a common network backbone for county facilities, from schools to libraries to bus depots. The traffic monitoring systems will also be of use to public safety agencies, who will be able to special events and reduce response time to incidents, according to a staff report.

When the multi phase project is completed, fiber optics will have replaced 52 miles of and unreliable copper lines from the 80s, at a cost of about $20 million. Most of the project is expected to be complete by the end of 2014, Wentz said.

I made a complaint Testosterone Cypionate Side Effects Ftm in the past about a street light near my condo. I requested a left turn signal because sometimes during rush hour it sometimes takes 15 minutes to make a simple left turn into my condo because of endless oncoming traffic. The conducted a review, and determined that a turn signal was not needed of course. Anyway, I just submitted a general comment using this form:They forwarded it to the appropriate department and they got back to me.

For a network engineer, this story raises more questions than it answers. POINT 1: Do you guys have any idea how much bandwidth you can get down a fiber optic line? Many, many times what you would need to control traffic Trembolona O Masteron lights. It pitched as this will make teh traffic lights less annoying, but then it OH BY THE WAY it can be used as a common backbone for County facilities like schools and libraries. It sort of like saying you need a 747 to commute to work, and since you already going to have a 747 for your own personal commute, you might as well sell some seats on it to passengers Hmmmm POINT 2: Twisted pair (copper wire) is not inherently unreliable, so why would you spend millions on a new fiber network, when you can just replace the equipment at the ends of your network to upgrade it? If there a break in a wire, equipment like a TDR can tell you exactly where it is. POINT 3: Since most of the network will still be copper connecting to this fiber backbone, how much are you really improving the overall reliability of the network? Or does that have to wait until Phase II, Phase III ($100 million later) before everything upgraded? POINT 4: There is fiber (unused) all over the place. Did anyone consider the less expensive option of buying dark fiber instead of digging up streets, AGAIN? POINT 5: Can the County sell its excess capacity and recoup some of the costs of pulling fiber? Enquiring Engineers want to know!

One thing to note, and which was not brought up in the article, is that the County deal with Comcast to supply internet connectivity to County buildings (and schools) is set to expire within the next few years. Once that expires, the County will have to pay millions of dollars for connectivity. Since utility companies are already opening up the ground to adjust wiring, it makes a lot more sense for the County to lay fiber optic wire now rather than having to pay to 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone dig trenches Turinabol Winstrol Cycle in the future on its own. Also note that this is not just for traffic (and who said that there would be giant signs like in MD? The County traffic center in the Wilson building would allow them to adjust light schedules), and can be used for any number of other, non Big Brother things down the line.

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